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Pivot Doors Bath

For a great range of aesthetically home improvement products, come to Corsham Building Plastics as we have an enviable collection. To find out more about how we can enhance your home, please get in touch today.

Pivot Doors

Our pivot doors are the ultimate in style and substance, as they don’t just offer your Bath home a beautiful entrance that will make an impact on everyone who enters your home, but they will also offer a range of practical benefits. When you install one of our pivot doors, you are making a positive long-term investment, that you will never forget.

For our pivot doors, we have decided to partner with RK Door Systems as we believe that they offer some of the best models on the market today. These pivot doors have been designed to be both durable, stylish and long-lasting, they are also incredibly easy to maintain.

To learn more about how our pivot doors can enhance your Bath home, please get in touch today.

Aesthetically Pleasing

For a strong visual statement, why not install one of our pivot doors in your home? Our pivot doors make a creative entrance point to your Bath home, one that will impress everyone who comes to visit you. Our pivot doors are normally found in more modern properties, thanks to their sleek and elegant design. Choose from our range of 16 beautiful pivot doors, no matter what the architectural style of your home,

The way our doors pivot, is down to the fact that they have two hinges at the top and bottom, which allow these doors to open from both sides at a 90-degree angle, this allows the door to always be open in the direction you are walking. Our pivot doors are the perfect aesthetic enhancement for your home.

pivot doors salisbury


For the ultimate entrance point to your Bath home, install one of our pivot doors, which are available in a wide collection of standard sizes as well as our custom-made collection. Our range of pivot doors are available in in sizes up to 2000mm x 3500mm high within a single panel. We can also offer pivot doors to your exact requirements and specifications, ensuring you get the exact pivot door that you want.

These pivot doors are manufactured using outstanding German components, meaning you can be confident that you are getting a door that will look and perform brilliantly for many years to come. Our pivot doors come with a hallmark flush door and frame construction system.

pivot doors salisbury

Increased Security

These pivot doors don’t just offer your home improved aesthetics, they also give it improved security, an important point for a lot of Bath homeowners. These doors give you unrivalled security as their hinges are not visible, it is this fact that makes them so resistant to anyone trying to force their way into your home. They are also incredibly thick and strong; our pivot doors are 75mm thick which gives your home a fantastic level of security. Once installed, our pivot doors will give you a sense of guaranteed confidence that your home is safe and secure.

Don’t just take our word for it regarding our pivot doors’ security levels, they have a full PAS 24:2016 and Secured by Design enhanced security system. These pivot doors are a great addition both practically and aesthetically to your home.

pivot doors salisbury

Extra Features

To give yourself a truly personalised pivot door, we offer our Bath customers the opportunity to choose additional elements. Our range includes sidelights and fanlights, include these on your pivot door and you’ll be rewarded with extra natural light flooding into your home. To further personalise your pivot door, we also offer a collection of handles and smart entry systems.

pivot doors salisbury

Improved Thermal Efficiency

Everyone is trying to reduce the amount of energy they use, both from a financial and environmental point of view. The good news is that our pivot doors can help you achieve this goal. Our pivot doors come with 69mm triple glazing which allows for a U-Value of 0.72 W/mk2. The way our pivot doors can achieve this is due to the fact they trap all the heat and warmth in your Bath home. Install these pivot doors and you can wave goodbye to draughts and cold spots.

pivot doors salisbury

Why choose our Pivot Doors?

We have the reputation of providing some of the best pivot doors on the market today, as they have been thoroughly tested both in this country and overseas. Our pivot doors give your Bath home enhanced thermal efficiency, weatherproofing, soundproofing and of course aesthetics. Our pivot doors have been designed and built to last a lifetime, as they only use the best quality materials, making them robust and highly durable.

To learn more about our collection of pivot doors please contact our team at Corsham Building Plastics today.

pivot doors salisbury

Pivot Door Prices Bath

By using our online quoting engine that is available, it allows you to get a bespoke price on the product of interest, tailored to your specific requirements for your Bath home improvement project. Bringing you the convenience of buying when it is suitable for you, our online quoting engine allows you to view prices and work out what is best for you.

Our friendly team are always available to answer any queries you may have as our customers are a priority to us here at Corsham Building Plastics. We want to provide you with all the information you need for your next home improvement project. Get in contact or request a free quote today!

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