Easy to use.
Even easier to fit.

Forget spending hours installing a complex unit, you can be up and running with Ultion Smart Smart in a matter of minutes.

Handsfree Operation.

Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that Ultion Smart brings..


You can set Ultion Smart to unlock as soon as you enter the unlock zone without even touching your phone.


Never wonder if you locked the door again. You can set how long Ultion Smart stays unlocked for before securing the door again.*


Use this feature to set how long the latch stays open for whenever the door is unlocked. Then simply push the door open.

Easy PIN access for Ultion SMART.

Use the all-new wireless keypad to control your Ultion SMART, giving you secure easy access without the need to take a key out with you.

Ultion Smart Versions


Works With:

Ultion High Security Key
Danalock App
Amazon Alexa (with IFTTT)


Works With:

Ultion High Security Key
Danalock App
Amazon Alexa (via IFTTT or 3rd Party Hub)
3rd Party Zigbee/Z-Wave Controllers

Apple Homekit

Works With:

Ultion High Security Key
Apple Homekit App
Siri Voice Commands
Apple Watch

4 easy ways to use Ultion Smart

Amazon Alexa

Using ‘If This Then That’ you can lock Ultion Smart simply by saying “Alexa, lock the door”.

Apple Homekit

The Apple Homekit version enables you to control Ultion Smart with Siri, iPhone, iPad or even Apple watch.


The free and simple to use Danalock app gives brings all the functions together with no need for anything else.


Every version of Ultion Smart comes with the ability to lock and unlock in the traditional way. A key.

Stylishly suited
with Sweet.

The Sweet handle option will seemlessly suite your door handle with a full range of door furniture.

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