An Overview of Alu-Clad Window Brands

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Whether you know them as hybrid windows, composite windows, or alu-clad, there are many brands to choose from. At CBP, we focus on Internorm and Velfac—two brands widely regarded as the best. They are renowned for their exceptional design, performance, reputation and versatility, making them the top choices for any renovation, new build or commercial project.

While many alu-clad window brands exist in the UK, Internorm and Velfac are better known by architects who specify them extensively in projects all over the UK.

CBP – your aluclad window experts

While our product focus for alu-clad windows is Internorm and Velfac, alu-clad windows all provide the benefits of triple-glazed windows that are warm-to-the-touch wood inside and durable, low-maintenance aluminium outside.

Insulation is excellent with these windows designed to brave the coldest Scandinavian climates. Alu-clad windows provide you with a high quality window and door solution that will last the longest, is sustainable and timeless in its styling, so it will never date or go out of fashion.

As composite and hybrid windows experts, we will tell you everything you need to know about Internorm and Velfac, but we can also give you an overview of some of the other brands available in the UK.


Internorm is Europe’s largest window brand, made in Austria, and is celebrated for its bespoke, high-quality, alu-clad windows and doors. Internorm’s reputation is built on superior thermal efficiency, impressive sound insulation, and various innovative designs. The Internorm range also includes windows using PVCu and aluminium composites, designer front doors, solar shading, and all-aluminium doors.

The advantage of Internorm for your alu-clad windows or doors is the choices you get with frame styling, glass options, colours, textures and foils, as well as many high-tech automation options. Internorm provides the most extensive selection of windows and doors with the most flexibility.


Velfac is renowned for its innovative designs and exceptional quality, earning an excellent reputation with homeowners, architects, and housebuilders. Their windows are pretty innovative, with a floating frame design that makes them look slimmer than most other brands. Velfac maximises light in the home while offering excellent overall performance.

The Velfac range includes windows in several opening types, front, side, patio doors, and some outstanding commercial windows, frequently specified in commercial buildings.


Made in Denmark, Idealcombi has innovated in window and door technology for decades. Their alu-clad designs offer excellent insulation and are known for their minimalist aesthetic and innovative features, including unique weather-resistant properties.

Idealcombi’s Futura+ range uses an advanced thermal core, improving the U-values of its windows while offering advanced weather protection and slim sightlines.


Part of the Dovista Group, which includes Velfac and other well-known European brands, Rationel is one of the longest-established. Rationel offers both wood and hybrid/composite windows, but its styling tends to be more traditional. It is often used in period homes or where the contemporary look of Velfac or Internorm may not suit.

Rationel windows are renowned for their excellent quality, colour options, customisation, and wood choices.


A Norwegian brand, Nordan specialises in alu-clad doors and windows tailored for extreme weather conditions. Designed for durability and sustainability, this brand offers windows for both standard and extreme climates.

The Nordan range includes casement, fixed, and inward-opening windows, sliding and balcony glass doors, and high-security and fire-resistant front doors.

Allan Brothers

The UK’s longest-established joinery manufacturer, Allan Brothers, offers a beautiful range of alu-clad products. They balance traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, resulting in alu-clad doors and windows that are as robust as they are stylish.

Their hybrid range includes casement windows, sliding and folding doors, single and double doors, and front doors.


The Danish brand Nordvest offers high-end, bespoke alu-clad windows and doors. Known for its sleek aesthetics and durable products, Nordvest offers a range of styles, from classic to modern.
Nordvest’s range includes casement and tilt windows, tilt-and-turn windows, casement and sliding doors, and front and balcony doors.


A British brand with Scandinavian origins, Norrsken is well-known for energy-efficient and beautifully designed alu-clad windows and doors. Their products deliver high performance in thermal insulation, sound reduction, and security features.
Norrsken’s range isn’t as extensive as other alu-clad window brands. Still, it uses quality aluminium and responsibly sourced woods and offers a choice of outward or inward-opening windows, casement, and sliding doors.

Zyle Fenster

Made in Lithuania, Zyle Fenster produces top-quality alu-clad doors and windows. It is known for its finely crafted products, which demonstrate excellent thermal performance and security.
Zyle Fenster strongly emphasises sustainability and uses environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Lomax + Wood

UK-based Lomax + Wood offers a luxury range of alu-clad windows and doors. They are dedicated to sustainability and use FSC® Chain of Custody-certified timber from responsibly managed forests. Lomax + Wood products are renowned for their superior design, durability, and energy efficiency.

Westcoast Windows

Westcoast Windows use Swedish-made windows featuring quality wood interiors and durable coloured aluminium exteriors. Their products are characterised by exceptional durability, high thermal efficiency, and strong resistance to the elements, which are essential given their Swedish roots.

In their casement window and residential door range, they offer various design choices suitable for modern to more traditional architectural styles.

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Alu-clad windows promise the best of all worlds. The benefits of slimline and durable aluminium outside, the quality and luxury of natural wood inside, and exceptional design and windows that will last a lifetime in your home.

At the CBP, we have the county’s largest Internorm alu-clad windows showroom. It’s the best place to discover the styling, performance and technical advantages of alu-clad windows. Contact us today to arrange a viewing. See how we can enhance your home with aluminium-clad windows and matching doors.