Internorm vs Velfac – two excellent brands compared.

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When it comes to selecting the best possible hybrid, alu-clad or composite windows and doors, one comparison frequently made is Internorm vs Velfac. The superior quality of these windows and doors, combined with outstanding design, performance, security and long-life makes Internorm and Velfac a popular choice for architects and discerning homeowners.

There are many brands of hybrid and composite windows, but Internorm and Velfac are the best known. We have created a detailed analysis into the features, benefits, and considerations of Internorm vs Velfac windows and doors, providing a comprehensive guide for if you are considering either of these two fine brands for your project.

The companies behind the Internorm and Velfac brands

Internorm, an Austrian company with a legacy spanning over 90 years, is a pioneer in window and door manufacturing. Known for their innovative designs and exceptional quality, Internorm products are synonymous with luxury and advanced technology. The company prides itself on its commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

Velfac, a Danish brand, has built a formidable reputation for producing modern, stylish, and functional windows and doors. Velfac is part of the Dovista Group/VKR, which includes around 13 other top brands, one of the best-known being Velux.

When comparing Internorm vs Velfac, both products are supplied through a network of trained and approved installers given the technical nature and installation expertise required.

Comparing the Internorm and Velfac Materials

Velfac only offers the classic hybrid window and door range with aluminium outside and wood inside and this combination is certainly what is on offer with the complete Velfac range of products. Velfac also keeps things a lot simpler with just one type of timber for the inside.

Internorm is the better choice for even more material choice with PVCu windows available and hybrid windows using PVCu inside and aluminium outside. Internorm also provides more wood types than Velfac. As well as the spruce and larch timbers, you can also have for the inside of your windows oak, ash, and walnut. Internorm therefore does offer more wood types and colours.

Internorm vs Velfac windows and doors

Velfac focuses on its commitment to Scandinavian design principles, characterised by simplicity, functionality, and elegance. This also means a smaller product range comprising casement windows, pivot windows, front doors, French doors and sliding doors.

With more materials options Internorm has a noticeably larger range of products including a Studio, Home Pure, Home Soft and Ambiente. Four collections of frame styles from the sophisticated to the minimalist, straight lines or curved.

Additionally, Internorm offers sun, shading and insect protection with their products and several functional benefits such as the unique opening of their casement windows to provide safety and a means of escape in the event of a fire.

Styling on windows and doors is subjective, and both these premium hybrid window brands provide beautiful windows and doors that promise to improve the look of any home and integrate perfectly with a new build.

Neither Internorm or Velfac are intended to provide minimalist styling, although the design of these windows is distinctive and altogether different to PVCu or aluminium windows. VELFAC windows are the more minimal in looks with a “floating” frame effect and the more modern with a flatline appearance throughout.

Performance and Energy Efficiency of Internorm and Velfac windows

With solid frames, triple glazing, and outstanding design, both Internorm and Velfac windows provide excellent thermal performance, low U-Values and help save money on your energy bills. Internorm windows can get as low as 0.62Wm2K with Velfac achieving around 0.82Wm2K for the 200 Energy Window model.

When comparing Internorm vs Velfac, it is worth considering that triple glazing is widely used on these windows with advanced glass coatings and spacer bars. Double glazing is available which still provides great thermal insulation, but triple glazing is what gets the absolute best out of what are some of the best performing windows and doors you can buy.

Customisation and Flexibility of Velfac and Internorm Windows

Both our Internorm and Velfac brands are available in sizes and designs to suit most property projects and developments of housing or light commercial buildings.

For the best choice in personalisation options Internorm is the better option with substantial colours, foils, wood-effect finishes handles options and much more. Velfac also provides an excellent range of colours, but it is Internorm that will give you the most choice with other features such as integrated blinds and security solutions.

For more bespoke windows and doors Velfac offers the bigger range of shaped windows, gables, porthole windows and triangular glazing. It is worth bearing in mind that shapes and curves to new windows and doors are also determined by technical factors such as how small you can curve the timber inside or the aluminium outside.

Internorm vs Velfac – security features

Internorm places a strong emphasis on security, incorporating advanced locking systems and robust construction into their windows and doors. Their products are tested to meet high security standards, providing peace of mind for homeowners. Internorm composite windows offer enhanced security features, such as premium multi-point locking mechanisms and reinforced frames alongside toughened or laminated glass options.

Velfac windows and doors are also secure with similar locking options and designed with security in mind. The Velfac 200 series, for example, includes multipoint locking systems and similar safety glass options.

Both are tested to the latest European security requirements ensuring that they provide reliable protection for any property, not to mention the inherent strength of the timber-aluminium construction and great window design throughout.

Visit the CBP Showroom to view Internorm and Velfac windows

Both Internorm and Velfac offer high-quality windows and doors that cater to the needs of architects and discerning homeowners. Internorm stands out for its innovative hybrid designs, energy efficiency, and extensive customisation options. Velfac, on the other hand, excels in Scandinavian design, simplicity, and functional elegance. You benefit from a choice of two of the best hybrid windows and doors on the market.

Your choice will depend on the styling you like and the requirements of your project. Contact us to arrange a visit to our Corsham showroom for a full product demonstration.