Comparing Velfac and Rationel Windows

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Velfac and Rationel are well-known hybrid windows brands. When looking for windows with aluminium outside and wood inside, Velfac and Rationel are frequently compared.  

Velfac offers a more slimline and contemporary design, whilst Rationel takes inspiration from traditional window styles and crafted wood windows.  Velfac and Rationel are part of the Dovista group, which also has the well-known Velux brand name among its door and window brands.  

At CBP, we know our hybrid windows. We are also Premium Partners for the ultra-premium Internorm collection of windows and doors. Here is our guide to help you compare Velfac vs. Rationel and determine which may be the best option for your property renovation or new-build home. 

Velfac vs Rationel – High-specification composite windows 

Rationel and Velfac are subsidiaries of the Dovista group, a Danish company with around 15 best known European and Scandinavian door and window brands.  When comparing Velfac vs Rationel windows, both brands are made in Poland and are part of this long-established group.  Velfac and Rationel windows and doors are only available through a network of trained and approved installation partners around the UK.  

Velfac and Rationel Styling and Sighlines explained. 

When choosing between Veflac and Rationel based on window appearance, styling, and sightlines, Velfac is noticeable for its slimmer overall appearance and narrower frames, particularly when viewed from the outside. Velfac is the more contemporary window.    

Rationel takes inspiration from timber windows and fine joinery, with a more traditional aesthetic. Therefore, if your project is a new build and modern-looking home, you may find Velfac more suitable. Velfac windows are more flatline, whereas Rationel window frames have a chamfered or ovolo appearance.  

Rationel is ideal for properties that do not require the thinnest windows. The Rationel Aura and Auraplus collections provide contemporary and traditional styles, while the Forma and Formaplus lines offer a range of timber windows suitable for older properties. 

Another reason to choose Velfac windows is the ability to match them with similar-styled doors while also retaining consistent, neat lines throughout a house.  

Velfac is widely specified by architects for new-build projects, including housing, office buildings, and other commercial uses. Velfac has a dedicated range of commercial windows and doors unavailable from Rationel. As a result, Velfac is an excellent option for developers needing heavier-duty windows than regular dwellings.  

Residential Doors by Rationel and Velfac 

If you require doors as well as windows, Velfac and Rationel both provide front, side and patio doors. Again, Velfac offers slimmer doors, while Rationel maintains a classic timber-look patio door style. Rationel doors are better suited for houses needing Georgian or Astragal bars. 

Velfac vs Rationel – Door and Window Specifications 

One of the reasons why hybrid and composite windows are so popular is their incredible thermal performance. When comparing Velfac vs Rationel on U-Values, both meet or exceed current Building Regulations. Rationel products can achieve U-Values as low as 0.8W/m²K, depending on the product type and glass specification. Velfac’s 200 Energy product offers even lower U-Values, down to 0.47W/m²K. While both brands are highly efficient, U-values vary based on several factors.  We can help you configure your windows to meet your required specifications.  

With both Velfac and Rationel benefiting from modern hardware, great design and superb engineering, you can be sure they offer excellent window or door security. Safety glass, laminated glass, multipoint locking, triple-glazed and other security features are all standard.  

Both meet the requirements of Document Q for new-build homes. 

Velfac and Rationel Product Ranges 

Velfac and Rationel have different product ranges, so here is a summary of what’s on offer. The best way to discover the differences between Velfac and Rationel is to get in touch, view the products, and let us help you choose the most suitable for your home or commercial building.  

Velfac Doors 

  • Ribo composite Sliding Doorset Range 
  • Ribo composite Glazed Entrance Doorset Range 
  • Ribo composite Panelled Doorset Range 
  • Ribo composite Terrace Doorsets Range 
  • V200E Energy Aluminium and Timber Composite Doorset Range 
  • VELFAC Aluminium Doorset Range 

Velfac Windows 

  • Ribo composite Casement Window Range 
  • Velfac V201 V210 V212 composite casement 
  • Velfac V201 V210 V212 Energy composite  

Rationel Doors 

  • Aura / Aura Plus Panelled Doorset Range 
  • Aura / AuraPlus Entrance Doorset Range 
  • Aura / AuraPlus Terrace Doorset Range 
  • Aura Plus Sliding Doors 
  • Forma / Forma Plus Front Doors 
  • Forma / Forma Plus Panelled Front Doors 
  • Forma / Forma Plus Balcony and Terrace Doors 

Rationel Windows 

  • Aura Timber / Aura Plus Casement Window Range 
  • Forma / Forma Plus Range Timber Casement Window Range 

Velfac vs Rationel – a summary of their key features 

The choice between Rationel and Velfac depends on various factors, including design preferences, sightlines, type of building, and the specification or overall performance you want to achieve.  

The Benefits of Velfac Windows and Doors 

Velfac is loved by architects for its contemporary styling and overall look. Velfac is a little more expensive than Rationel but is an excellent investment. Choose Velfac for: 

  • Slimmer windows and doors.. 
  • Contemporary designs. 
  • Larger window and door dimensions. 
  • Balanced sightlines. 

The Benefits of Rationel Windows and Doors 

Rationel is ideal for older homes or when you prefer a more timeless and classic look for your new windows and doors. Consider Rationel for: 

  • More period front door designs. 
  • Cottage and Heritage style homes. 
  • Classic styling with Astragal or Georgian Bars. 
  • Suitable for character properties and older homes. 

Hybrid and Composite window experts – Contact CBP Today 

When deciding between Velfac and Rationel, it’s crucial to consider your property’s specific needs and aesthetic preferences.  Both brands deliver high energy efficiency and security, meeting rigorous standards and regulations. The specific U-Values and security features can cater to varying needs, ensuring both brands provide reliable and sustainable options for homeowners and developers alike. 

We can help you with all aspects of your project, renovation or new build and work with you to achieve your required aesthetic, functionality and performance with fully compliant windows and doors.  Speak with one of our team or arrange a visit to the CBP showroom.